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About 1993~1995, my wife and I were in Marathon, Texas, staying at the Gage Motel. As we were entering town I had noticed an old rock building, a deserted old house. After getting into our rooms, I went back to photograph it.

As I was taking my shots, an eldery man commented "That house was like that when I first moved here." After making my shots I began to talk with him. He told me he was 93 years old, I believe, and had lived in that part of the country all his life. His father had come there from Colorado at his doctor's advice.

He told me stories of crossing the Rio Grande and catching up wild cattle or buying them from the Mexicans for little or nothing prices. He told me he had seen killings. "Killing somebody's not tough, just sorry," was one comment he made. He also told me that their ranch had been bought up to form part of Big Bend National Park.

Well, I began to question, in my mind, some of the authenticity of his stories. Back at the motel I asked the clerk on duty. "Oh, yes," he told me, "that was old Mr. Green. He's getting senile, but his stories are true."

Eight or ten years later we were back down in Big Bend NP. There in the area of Dug Out Wells was a new placard. Stopping to read it more closely I saw a photograph of an old house with a couple and their children posed in front. The caption "The Green Family Home."

Bob Wright
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