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Here I am spending my own hard earned money to spay some homeless cats in my neighborhood to stop the population from growing and tonight I find that one of the cats I have spayed had been shot through the eye with a BB gun. I've seen a neighbor in his backyard shooting a BB gun into the trees, presumably at squirrels, so I'm putting 2+2 together here. I have no proof that it was him, but I intend to get the sheriff on it in the morning. I have three cats of my own, all collared and tagged, and if any of them come up wounded I'm going to beat that motherfucker to death. Excuse my language.

If you catch him I say to castrate him with his BB gun and make sure you use a rusty BB. I am not really much of a cat lover, but recently had to have my cat who I have owned since I was 2 put to sleep. Was the sadest day of my life. :(
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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