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Hi I am new here and just wanted to say hi there. I am in Puerto Rico, born in Oklahoma some 47 years ago and very much interested in guns, my current collection consists of:

in the safe:

Ruger Mark III 22/45 stainless steel with Bushnell Red Dot
FN 57
S&W model 36 38 spl 5 shot blued finish snubbie revolver
Glock 17
Spectre 9mm
Ruger Security six stainless steel 357 mag short barrel
Colt Lawman 357 short barrel blued finish
Glock 23
HK USP Compact 40 cal with stainless steel slide
SIG 229 40 cal with stainless steel slide
Colt Delta Elite 10mm blued
Colt Gold Cup 45 cal series 80 blued
Kimber Warrior
Springfiled 45 cal blued finish 1911 A1
HK USP Tacical 45 cal
S&W stainless steel 8.5 barrel 500 magnum

on lay away

Kimber 45 cal Raptor II with 4 barrel
Colt 45 cal Commander Gold Cup Limited edition

on the short to get list

entry model RRA 223 black rifle
Mossber 590 marine
22 leveraction rifle
Glock 22

I won't bother you now with the very long wish list....

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Nice collection! Glad you could join us. Oklahoma eh? I grew up there myself. Well, maybe not completly. At 52 I'm still don't know what I want to be when I grow up...
Anyway, We:come! (as Charlie would say! :-D )
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