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Hello from the Texas Hill Country

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N 30˚ 06' 27.79" :? W 99˚ 08' 47.21"
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Hey Charlie, that's right next to my sister, you know her?

Just kidding! I don't speak a word of GPS...

Welcome aboard!
What looks wrong? That's what my GPS and Google Earth (great site!)says. Maybe I need to move my property to make it right. :rolleyes:
Thanks for the welcome. Yeah, I remember now, I think your sister does live just down the hill (just kidding).
Welcome to Handgun Forum. Happy to see another Texas :)

o.k. charlie zoom in on gps you look pretty close.
welcome ,-more texas folks :p

Hey Charlie, you've gotta remember hal8000's sister. She's the one that rode the big white horse in the Saturday parades. All the horsemen new her. :lol:
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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