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Hello everyone. I am Dragonsblood from Atlanta. Basically a blue city in a red state. No matter, I'm a NRA member and a straight-talk gun rights supporter. Looking forward to joining Students For Concealed Carry on Campus. I'm getting real tired of chickenhearted gun-haters telling me where I can and can't pack heat.

I found this forum looking for a used AMT Hardballer for sale. Galena Industries, as all of you would know, is out of business. I'm willing to bet if I did find one, the price would be in the thousands. I still want a 1911 to customize to my liking. I'm stocky enough to conceal a Government sized 1911, plus I LOVE heavy recoil and I love to shoot big bore guns. Maybe I'll wise up when I get a hold of a .500 S&W Magnum or a .50 BMG.

I've read the thread "So You Want to Buy a 1911?" Excellent advice IMHO.

I believe I will enjoy my time on this forum. I hope to learn tons of knowledge here. Thanks to the creators here for the privilege of joining this forum.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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