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Well, this might help:


I will say that, in my opinion (after many personal range observations and much internet lurking), that Glocks will be most reliable with stock factory recoil springs, UNLESS you need to tailor a gun to a particular (say very light target-type) load. I have lost count of the times that someone has reported functioning problems with a Glock, and then these problems go away after the user is convinced to change back to the stock recoil spring. I am also of the opinion that a person needs to show a fairly high level of skill and be very attuned to their pistol's particular recoil characteristics before any changes in springs will really show any benefits. Not saying you you couldn't possibly benefit (as I don't know you or your skill level), but most folks can't really tell the difference, and even some who can, can't exploit that difference and change it into a useful savings of time between shots.

Also, you need to be prepared to spend a LOT of time experimenting with your gun/ammo combo to find the correct spring setup. This can be very expensive, either in time or money (or both).

I personally only use stock springs in all my Glocks, and spend the money saved on practice ammo and gas for range trips.
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