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Glad to have found this place!!!!!!!!

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I am really pleased to find a new hand gun forum. This one seems very promising. Been shooting six guns for 40 plus years. I am a retired Banker/Stock Broker and live in Littleton, Colorado. I prefer single action sixguns but own a couple of Sigs and a few S&W's. My prize possesion is a Freedom Arms Model 83 in 41 Magnum. I have no use for the 454 and I trully love the 41 magnum cartridge. I notice that Bob Wright is a member. I remember his postings on the old Sixgunner site. You need to listen to this gentelman. He has much knowledge of sixguns. I would love to share a cup of coffee with him.
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Welcome to Handgun Forum. Hope you like it here. :)
Well, we are glad to have you aboard. Feel free to jump into any conversations or start some of your own :)
I've been hear two weeks and have learned a lot and look forward to visiting it daily. Welcome.
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