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Nationwide Gas Prices Decline Slightly Over Last Two Weeks
Associated Press

CAMARILLO, Calif. (AP) - A nationwide survey finds US gas
prices declined in the past two weeks, but the drop is hardly
enough to provide relief for summer travelers.

The Lundberg Survey says the average price for self-serve
regular gas on Friday was down 4.5 cents to $2.89 a gallon.

That's just $.06 less than this year's peak price of $2.95 a
gallon in early May, but still $.68 higher than last year's

Charleston, South Carolina, had the lowest average price of gas
in the US, selling at $2.61 a gallon. The highest average pump
price, at $3.26 per gallon, was in Honolulu.

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You could live in Minnesota, where, during the week, gas prices are decent and on the decline. However, over the weekends, in the summer, they raise gas prices every Thursday afternoon in order to profiteer off of the people headed to their lake cabins with thier boats. Monday afternoons, they drop right back. I paid $2.65 Wednesday night/ Thursday morning. Friday afternoon, most places were $2.91, especially along the lake routes.
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