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How would you like to be on this ship?

Been there- done that. Not on a tanker though- but on a freighter. It is not fun. About all you can do is hang on. If you are on duty- it's bad. You must steer into the storm and run fast enough to keep steerage. If you lose your steering and turn sideways- you roll over!!! o_O
Nowadays they have satellite weather and navigation. Most try to steer around the storms. Way back when I was sailing (67-70) on the older ships- you had no idea what was ahead.
Ed: One other thing for the older ships long ago- if the sun and stars were blocked by the clouds you could not pinpoint your location-the longer you went not knowing where you were- the farther you got off course. You were literally lost til you could see the stars.
Nowdays- ships can see in the dark- and even move in fog! :unsure:
181 - 200 of 219 Posts