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With the price of a gallon of gas being what it is ... the use of gasoline sprayed all over creation as a weapon isn't practical ... of course with the price of ammo being what it is ... shooting a perp may be impractical also .
If you see me with rocks in my pockets ... here is why .
1.) no permit required to own rocks .
2.) no permit required to carry rocks concealed or openly ... you can "bag carry" .
3.) they hurt when you get hit with one .
4.) easy to learn how to throw rocks ( Ernest T. Bass has a rock chunking school for those who never throwed rocks)
5.) rocks are free ...just like paw-paw's ... pick em up and put them in your pocket .
6.) you don't have to worry about laser sights or red dot sight ... they come sighted in ...
7.) flinging rocks is a fun hobby ...
8.) if you want to magnumize your rock ... get a sling ! Little David killed the mighty giant Goliath ...
... with a rock and his sling !
9.) No pesky ATF regulations to contend with and no waiting period and no forms to fill out to get and use this super weapon . You can make a sling and rocks are unregulated except in Los Angeles CA.
10) A sling and rocks are cheaper than a gallon of gasoline too !

Don't waste that prescious gasoline ...we need to coserve it untill things get changed .
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