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There is a very well known Firearms Training Institute in Nevada that won't allow the use of their name while selling the Lifetime memberships. The instructors are top notch and this is a great deal. They offer over 50 classes, handgun, sniper, shotgun, automatic rifle and many more. With this membership you can take any course they offer FREE for the rest of your life.

The spectrum of people you will meet there range from teenagers, ladies, grandparents and guys. I musy say some of the ladies were great and shoot very well. Many had very little if no prior handgun experience but came out of the class very confident and capable.

If you would like all of the information, links to the classes and reviews from people who have taken the class please let me know.

Aside from the cost of the membership and the $100 transfer fee the only other cost is a very minimal backround check cost that everyone pays annually.
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