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Sig P365 with 10rnd & 12rnd magazines. X Ray 3 sight.
Standing with 2 handed grip.
(I know this is old news to you guys but this is my first time out with Sig)

Range ammo used for first test.
Blazer Brass CCI 9mm 115gr. 1125fps FMJ
Blazer Brass CCI 9mm 124gr. 1090fps FMJ
Federal RangeTargetPractice 115gr. FMJ

*Had zero issues today.
*Accurate for me. The sights are easy for me to pick up. In low light the sights are amazing.
*Easy to handle and manipulate with my old hands.
*Very happy with first time out. Look forward to test more ammo types and distances.
*Easy to field strip and clean.
*10rnd mag felt good in hand but had a better feel/grip with 12rnd mag.
/The journey continues, and more range time is on the way.

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Looks like you did pretty good there......

I have been amazed with how well I can hit with my P365. I later got the 380 model and can hit even better with it.
I was doing draw-2 shots to chest fast- then 1 to head- at life size silhouettes- at 10, 20 and 30 yards. I did good at it.

But what amazed me :oops:--- was I could do that at 30 yards at a fairly good speed!...and make head shots!!!

I have been blown away at the 365's.

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Good range trip .. congrats
most are Low Left though ..
Watch out for trigger pull .. ?
Yes. It looks like I have to work on my grip and finger placement.
*My second informal test today showed the same. Had fun and felt comfortable with the Sig.
*Next week I will get serious with the grip issue and range time.
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