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Welcome! I'm not trying to sound like an ass.. Take it as constructive critisism. You have alot to learn about the different formats available.

You cannot judge EVERYTHING by handling just a few guns. Have you handled and shot a premium or custom 1911? World of a difference. Controls are easy to use and engage/disengage. It's all with practice. Practice practice practice. The thumb safety should be second nature.
As far as disassembly, it's a piece of cake after you get it down and know what you are doing.

Glock rounds are too little? I have pictures I can provide of you of expanded hollowpoints. I can link you to a guy who shot himself with a 9mm. I'm assuming again you are basing your opinions on your dad's G17. There are other models besides the G17.

An alternative is the DAK model on the Sig 226. You don't have to worry about the decocking lever. There is none.

Springfield Armory pistols are rare?
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