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The only thing I like to do more then go to the range with my favorite handgun, is visit a good gun shop and drool over all the fine pistols they have.
I'm sure we all have good shops we like to visit, but others may not know about them yet. Let's share what we know.
In my area, mostly Lawrence County, I have 2 I really like. One is Pawnderosa Gun and Pawn. It's in Aurora, Mo., on the square. The staff is friendly, there's always a good selection, prices are reasonable and the guys make fair trades.
Another is the gun shop at Hunt's Hardware, a True Value hardware store in Miller, Mo. Again, a good selection, fair prices, nice people. The staff works both sides of the store, gun shop and hardware, so, sometimes it's hard to get someone with the time to help you. They do tend to have a better selection of ammo and reloading supplies here. They also have a guy who is a pretty good gunsmith.
So, that's 2 of my favorites. If you're in the area, they are worth a visit.
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