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Durham County homeowner shoots three break-in suspects :: WRAL.com

Durham, N.C. - A Durham County homeowner shot three people trying to break into his house Friday morning, according to the sheriff's office.

Lt. Stan Harris said calls came in around 10:30 a.m. about a break-in in progress and gunshots fired in a house at 1017 Hamilton Way in the southern part of the county.

Deputies apprehended one suspect who had been shot at the scene, he said. Two other suspects, who were also wounded, fled the scene but were taken into custody when they showed up at a local hospital.

The homeowner, who was home alone at the time, was not hurt.

The names of those involved in the incident haven't been released.

Harris said that the break-in was random and that the homeowner did not know the suspects. The area has experienced a recent series of break-ins, but it wasn't immediately clear if these suspects were connected to it.

Neighbor Cassie Creevy's home was broken into last week.

"I just stopped having nightmares from having my house broken into. I want to move," Creevy said Friday.

Creevy said the robbers took cash and jewelry.

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Thats how we roll in the NC :p LOL!

I live a little bit South of Chapel Hill and frequently have discussions in the local grocery store about AR platform builds, concealed carry options and home defense.

Poor defenseless criminals!
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