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Does type of case really mattet?

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I've been shooting all my life and in all that time my father only provided me with brass ammo. I'm at the age now where I'm buying and experimenting with different firearms and ammunitions. For the most part I buy brass FMJ & FMJHP. Now and again on sites like aimsurplus.com, ammoman.com, CheaperThanDirt, ect. I see some great deals. Like right now I found a great bulk deal on (MaxxTech 9mm Steel Case) but I'm unsure because it's not the brass I'm used to. I had one bad experience with Blazer aluminum case 9mm luger, but hell it could have just been a bad batch. What are your opinions and more importantly your experiences with different cases. Brass, Aluminum, Steel ???
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I avoided Maxxtech not due to the casing but due to the reviews

I stick to brass casings , new ammo from Blazer, AE,federal usually

I find fiocchi and mag tech are good but dirty as is S+B and armscorp

I am leery of aliminum casings as well. old fashioned --YES-- avoiding incidents and bad ammo--for sure!
I prefer brass or nickel-silver.

Think about it - barrel made of steel..... case made of steel...... steel scratches steel.......

idunno, Russians seems to favor steel but then their guns run on dirt lubrication.

Perhaps the case type is more important in a higher end firearm.
I've shot a bunch of Blazer aluminum 9mm and never had a problem with it. It has worked fine for me so far.
I've had all kinds of malfunctions in a 9mm carbine with aluminum cased ammo; mostly ejection failures & double feeds. But my 40 caliber Glock ate it up with no problems. My Marlin 44 Mag Carbine's manual says not to use aluminum-cased ammo. I've never used steel-cased ammo. It is hard on the ejector & extractor & the laquer coating can melt & cause problems in a hot chamber.

For defensive use, I wouldn't use anything but brass, but for recreational shooting where a malfunction wouldn't be a big deal, it's fine.
Thanks guys that's exactly what I was looking to hear. Steel on steel being damaging makes perfect sense. I've been using brass Hornady Critical Defense in every firearm for self defense and brass fmj PPU which I believe is made by the Serbs, and I've had just a couple of malfunctions out of 100's of rounds sent down range from my Spikes midlength AR-15 .223
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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