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I am posting this at a few other shooting related sites so don't be surprised if you see this topic a lot.

Ok, friday is technically the last day of school for all the schools in my town, but it's also a day we don't have to show up because it's an "activity" day. Now at my little brother's school they are habing something called the water olympics which is nothing but just things to do with water and get wet and have fun. Anyways, my brother got in trouble for mouthing off to his teacher today and he got banned from the activity day and he got mad and cussed out his teacher and called her the worst thing you could ever call a woman. No, I don't mean the "B" word, but go to the next letter and that's the word he called her. Now my dad is a pretty easy going guy, but he does NOT stand for us "kids" disrespecting adults. I was home and had a friend over and we were watching a DVD in the family room with my brother when my dad came home and my mom showed my dad the referal that my brother had and all he had to do was look at my brother and he got up and assumed the position. Dropped his shorts and exposed his little spiderman boxers and 4 swats with the belt and it was all over. My brother pulls up his shorts and my dad makes him call his teacher and appologize to her.

Was nothing out of the ordinary, but my friend with me made a big deal about it. He was asking how I could live in such an abusive household. I told him that we are not abused here. There is a difference between corporal punishment and child abuse. Child abuse is nothing more than the sensless violence towards kids for no reason. Corporal punishment is nothing more than just a form of disipline. I would much rather get a spanking for being bad rather than be grounded and have things taken away from me. My parents enforce this type of punishment because it's how they were punished and it worked with them. Of all the spankings I have gotten in my lifetime there has never been one time where I felt I didn't deserve it.

The next thing my friend brought up was the fact that my house has guns in it. He asked if I had gotten spanked and if I would ever have got a gun and shot my parents because of it. I actually said no before he was even done asking the question. Even though my parents are strict and hard on me at times, I love them and they punish me because they love me and want me to turn out the right way. I then told him it would have to be a real extreme case such as my dad being drunk and on top of my little brother and punching him in the head and face as hard as he could for no reason. Then I wouldn't hesitate to put two slugs in his head, but something like that would never happen. My dad has NEVER been abusive when drunk. In fact he acts like a kid when he drinks too much and we have lots of fun together.

Anyways, after a few more minutes of arguing I manage to get my friend to stop talking about it. In a way I found his argument kind of offensive because he made my family out to be some barbaric family that beats the hell out of their kids for no reason. What do you guys think? Did I handle this the right way? If you have any more suggestions I could use when I see my friend again then please tell me.

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You have a good head on your shoulder's Maser. Don't loose that attitude about your parents and repsect them at all times.

Your friend on the other hand is another issue. I would seriously consider telling that to your father. Kids your age don't say those kinds of things unless that exact scenario is being played out in THEIR heads. I know, I'm 22 and my sister just turned 18. I guard her like a hawk, and I've seen and heard some of her friends say and do stupid things. I wouldn't put those comments he made off like they were nothing. Address them now, so the situation never escalates.

Is your friendship worth the wellfare and safety of your family?
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