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Considering trading out P9 for Sig P365XL

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I'm a long-time Kahr user (P9, PM9, P380).

Whenever I carry the P9, I must make a few considerations to conceal it compared to the smaller PM9 and P380.

I've recently handled a Sig P365XL and it felt better than my P9 which had always been my 'best feeling' gun in hand.

I'm stuck on the idea that if I'm going to carry something larger than the PM9, I could just as easily carry a P365XL with 12+1 capacity versus the P9 with 7+1.

Looking for any thoughts on this potential swap...??? Asking here and on the Sig forum - full disclosure on duplicate posting.

I should add I've had a P229 for over 20 years and find it does everything I could want except fit in my pants.

Thanks for any input!!
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I just put my P365XL on consignment a week ago. While it is a nice gun. I found that when drawing it quickly, it always, and I mean always, had a left pointing bias. Over the years I have experienced this with a few semi-autos. My guess is that it is just the grip shape and size and my right hand don't tend to line up well. This means that I have to adjust my grip before I fire the gun. In an extreme encounter that could prove disastrous.
And I have an M&P 9 Shield Plus that lines up beautifully when pulled and fired. So the consignment decision was not hard. The M&P Shield Plus stays and the Sig goes.
Yeah, that 18 degree grip, along with the "roundness" of the grip handle, works well for me too.
Yeah, that 18 degree grip, along with the "roundness" of the grip handle, works well for me too.
I also find that Glocks, specifically their compact versions like the G19 and G23, pull and line up fine for me with no having to adjust my grip. Same for all of my M&P's. But not a Beretta 92FS (would never carry a DA pistol anyway). One has to wade through the really great selection of pistols to find the ones that work for them.
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