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believe it or not my favorite rifle is my mosin-nagant m44. it is stamped 1945 with the hammer and sycle and is designated an irkyukst (spelling) made weapon from russia. it fires a 7.62x54r round that is VERY strong. i bought it cheap because the stock was cracked and dropped it into a poly, monte carlo from ati. add a sling and bingo my boar gun was born. almost bought a mac90 at tax time but mrs viper put the old foot down and i ended up with a maverick 12 ga.(like i needed another shotgun) the same guy i bought the m44 from is a c/r dealer in s.c. and he also ordered a cz52 handgun. i passed because it was such an odd round(7.62x25 or something like that) and a large part of the ammo he ordered was faulty(cracked in the caseings). he still swears by the thing though and carries it daily. of course he is a phsychiatrist so lord only knows what he is thinkin'...lol.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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