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I have bought parts from Dave Clements, and had two Custom guns built.

First of all, Dave keeps (usually) parts for three-screw Rugers. He makes the wide trigger for the Old Army for use in adding the Old Army grip frame to replace the aluminum one on these old guns.

His work is top-notch, and his finish is superb. Turn-around time varies, as he sends out certain jobs, such as barrel reboring and case hardening. The latter is by Doug Turnbull, which speaks for itself.

And Dave is not unapproachable, he is willing to answer your calls or e-mails.

From my experience I would be glad to recommend Clements Custom guns.

Bob Wright

email for Clements is: [email protected]

Dave is located 2766 Mt. Zion Rd.
Woodlawn, VA 24381
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