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cryhavoc said:
Sorry I'm pretty much a techno idiot, I'm lucky if I can turn the damn computer on. I don't even own digital camera :(
no worries...Congrats though on the new purchase. I've got the bug myself, I just purchased a Cougar 8000F. Now I have my eyes on a 96 Brig. Inox purchase... 8)

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U better get into an anonymous group for that problem :p
Don't take advice from him he has been kicked out of every group we put him in. Not only is he nuts about his Walthers he dress them all up the same like they were Quad triplets.

Nothing wrong with buying lots of Beretta's as long as you enjoy them and each are a little different. The good new is that if you get tired of them I'm here to give them a home.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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