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Boberg XR9-S

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I've seen this pistol on the net. Looks pretty cool. Has anyone shot one ? Cleaned one ? Wondering how easy they are to clean and are they reliable?
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Better question: Has anyone ever even seen one, "in the flesh"?
Way late to reply on old thread. My wife has been carrying the Boberg since he introduced them. She has way North of 10K rounds through it with only some springs replaced. Both she and I liked it so well we bought a Bond Arms Bullpup when it was introduced.

A few years ago when Springfield Armory introduced the Hellcat, a group I'm a part of tested the Hellcat against the Sig 365 and a few other small 9mms including the granddaddy Detonics Auto 9 and the Bond Arms Bullpup. While all four of the testers were bias for the larger capacity, they all agreed the Bullpup was the easiest and most accurate of the guns tested.
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