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Weird Post:
"I am sorry, but I am always wary of anyone who joins a forum, and their very first (and only) post is a complaint about a specific company. "
"And I'm pretty sure if I go working on it will void any warranty as if that matters at this point."

1. You have NO warranty to be concerned about. The company is in China; you can't ship to China; etc. Since they are nice enough to ship the part to you, maybe fixing it and using it is the best thing to do.
2. You hate complainer but you want us to listen to you. Bizarre. It would be better to leave that line out than to tell us that you are a screwball.

Excuse me? You are saying I am a "screwball" because of my post?

I don't "hate" the complainer. But I have been on forums and running them for over two decades. And people who join and make their first post in such a fashion as this - they have an axe to grind. And, they usually never come back to participate. They tend to just join a bunch of forums simply to make that one post.

Would I like that member to come here and regularly participate? Yes.

But, in the meantime, you are insulting me with a personal attack?
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