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I am new to this forum, but have been active on other online forums and hold a C&R FFL. So much for my bona fides. I have been meaning to join for a while, and finally got around to it! Good to be here, as there are a lot of interesting threads to explore and read.

So here's the story. A while back, I accidentally ordered two new Beretta-brand (OEM) SS 8-round 9 mm magazines directly from Beretta online. I was in the process of ordering mags and such for my Beretta Pico .380 ACP. (Don't ask me how I did this!) One is still on the display card although the plastic was cut by me; the other was taken out of the plastic overlay. Of course neither was ever used because I don't have aNano (sadly), and I soon realized my error. So that is how I have come to have two new Nano magazines for sale.

I have checked prices on the Internet, and am offering these two magazines for $60 including USPS or UPS shipping (whichever is cheapest and reasonably fast). I am not looking to make a profit, and I paid more for them. Payment can be by Paypal or Money Order. And I of course will accept returns and make a refund if you do find these magazines to be as I have described. Be careful to check the cost of shipping (and tax) if you check prices online.

This a lower price than I have seen at any place that actually has them in stock, and I feel it is a fair deal.

Best to all in troubling and troubled times,


Charlotte, NC
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