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baseball game

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Took my parents to an Astros game today - It was a birthday present for my father. Plus, my wife and I like the Rangers from our time living in Dallas. So, we got to see the Astros play the Rangers, and they also gave out free T-Shirts to the first 10k people.

Astros won, unfortunately - I think it was 5 to 0. The Rangers really sucked today :roll: :roll: :roll:
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They've pretty much sucked since they came to be !!
Well, the Rangerd did have about 1/2 of a great season about 2 years ago :p
hey wait a second, i'm a houston fan, nolan ryan pitched there before texas, and here in gastonia before that.....

Shipwreck, don't get me wrong. Being a Native Texan, I've always been a Rangers & Cowboys fan, even during my 20 years USN. I'm not able to follow either team as much as I'd like living in the Great White Northland, now. I grew up just North of Dallas.
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