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Shipwreck said:
Anyone surprised that Chris got thrown off tonight?

<yes, I will admit it - my wife and I watch the show>
Pretty surprised myself...

He comes into our store quite often, I've talken to him a few times. He's a great vocalist, he's pretty much set at this point. The rock band "Fuel" have already offered him a job. He has a band already here in town and I'm sure that they'll have no problem now getting signed with Chris on board.

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I haven't watched it hardly at all this season, but what I have seen led me to believe that he was gonna be this years winner. I watched it all last season when Bo and Carrie went at it. O and no ism's aside, Clay beat Ruben in the second season....sorry I had to add that in. 8)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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