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Yea, I read about that yesterday.

I have a telescope too - a 127mm starmax from Orion. Had it a few years now, and I have an entire set of lenses and some filters.

Unfortunately, I cannot see too much where i live due to city lights. I REALLY wanna take the scope out to West Texas and stop someplace 1 night to get a great view. One night, I stopped at a rest stop along I-10 back in New Mexico in 1998, and I was amazed when I got out of the car. I had never seen that many stars in my life. U never see that when you are in a city.

When I got the scope, I said I'd be satisfied if I could just see Jupiter and Saturn. Well, the planets are about all I can see with the city lights.

I did get to see that awesome view of Mars a few years back. Also have seen Saturn, Venus, Jupiter and Uranus.
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