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Reading that post back does show self defense with the phrase " if I beat them to the shooting." There have been other post a progressive DA would try and use. That is why I posted what I said. Here in North Carolina in the mountains and over by the coast is much more conserative than the center of the state called the Triangle. In the mountains unless you do something wrong , like calling the person to come over, you wl walk before trail. It would be a waste of their time and would lose, which they hate. Example; 4 **** hunters were using radio signals to track their dogs. They pulled into a yard and jumped out of the truck with rifles in hand. The lady of the house fired a warning shot above their heads. A liberal asst DA tried her for attemped murder. It took the jury 15 minutes to come back with a Not Guilty verdict. The jury forman told the men they were lucky it was not his place because his wife would have shot them dead.
Glad I live on the coast in this great state, but would be better with copper gone 😆
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