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Because when you're two inches from your non-moving, sleeping, unaware target doesn't know that you're about to pop them it's a little easier. As for the mob and CIA I seem to recall that the mob still favored machine guns and the "you don't see me here" guys I didn't see in Iraq we're still carrying ARs/AKs and service pistols.

Ask yourself this, if the .22 is soooooo good for ___ why doesn't the Military issue them as rifles and sidearms, why don't the police do it either?Think of the savings in ammo budgets if they were to go .22 and the ease in shooting them, but they still don't use it. I wonder why?

Sure a .22 will kill some one, but it less likely to do it quickly.

Add to that that rim-fire pistols can be ammo sensitive, the ammo itself is known for high failure rates.

Edited to add, when something still has trouble killing rabbits and squirrels, I'll leave it at home when carrying for defense against two legged threats.
I asked myself your question and then wondered if you believe that every one that carries in the civilian EDC world should carry what the Military Carries at war? And my conclusion was not no but hell no. I would not carry a 22.cal for EDC but would not hesitate to use one if necessary and can understand why some folks might just do carry one.
My favorite Plinker of all time is the Ruger LCR22. I also use it to aid my training with my snub nose revolvers like the LCR9mm. I love shooting the LCR22, just pure fun for me. One day when shooting this gun with some hot ammo and firing 8 quick shots to the targets set up, I thought Wow, Someone getting 8 shots into the face,and throat would really wreck their day. And with a 22.cal you can shoot with some very fast precision.Shoot them often enough and they will surprise you with that accuracy. And one thing I noticed is there are very few failures with a revolver.
So is it a weapon? Yes, Would I carry one? Maybe if down the road I had some injury to hand etc. And you never say never. Some folks have to compensate.
Would I go Afganistan and use it in combat? Lol, no. .
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