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Here is my 1911 collection.

Springfield Omega in 10mm.

Springfield V-16 Longslide in .45 Super.

Colt Gold Cup 70 series custom.

Colt Officier`s ACP Lightweight .45acp decked out as a ported carry gun.

Irwindale (AMT) Javelina 10mm.

A 1911 Frankenstein. Para Ordnance frame, Colt .38 Super slide and all converted to 10mm.

Another 1911 Frankenstein. Para Ordnance frame, Colt top end in .45acp.

Para Ordnance Limited in .45acp.

A 1911 Frankenstein. Auto Ordnance frame, Colt slide, guts from various places. .38 Super.

Colt series 70 Commander in .38 Super

Colt 1950s Lightweight Commander done up in nickel & gold plate with silver grips. .38 Super

Colt Delta Elite 10mm.

Another Colt Delta 10mm decked out as a full race gun.

Colt Double Eagle in 10mm.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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