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  1. Handloading & Reloading
    This really pisses me off. I bought 60 rounds of Winchester 115gr Silvertip JHP and they're all like this (depicted right, left is a regular Sig V-Crown to compare). It appears that the end of the brass casing is choking on the bullet so hard that it's indenting the bullet and caving in. Compare...
  2. Handloading & Reloading
    Hi Y'all I just received a Winchester 9mm Luger (new) bag of unprimed brass. The cases calipered out to .749 to .751 with most of it at .750. Will this effect crimp? Or is this in the normal range and I'm juct OCD lol. Thanks for any tips. Yours in service James Acerra Gun Control is...
1-2 of 2 Results