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  1. HK
    Greetings, I have a few pistol magazines that I no longer need. Items are nearly new/ barely used: - H&K UPS .40 S&W polymer magazines [these run $40+ each new ... } 2 - 10 rd MFR #: 214854S ($30 each) 2 - 13 rd MFR #: 214097S ($30 each) SOLD ***Note - These items are...
  2. HK
    Hello all. Am in the market for a new handgun. Am interested in feedback regarding the HK USP Compact. Thanks! -Nate
  3. General Semi-Auto
    Between H&K USP .45 and the Sig P226 which do you prefer and why? Do you reccomend any specific model of each one (Elite, compact, etc..)
1-3 of 3 Results