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  1. General Semi-Auto
    Hi all, New member and first post. I'll be purchasing my 1st handgun soon. I'm looking for something that will cover home defense and range use. If I decide to do CC I will get a different gun for that purpose. At this point, I'm almost positive it will be a Springfield XD 9mm. I went to the...
  2. Springfield
    I am looking for a concealed weapon easy to draw and defend myself that is very reliable, easy to operate and fits securely in my hand. Tech specs and opinions please?
  3. Springfield
    Does anyone know if the XDM is LEGAL in California? I have talked to a few people and i get mixed results. Some say NO and some say YES. The ones who say no have been friends and/or dealers. The ones who say yes are also friends and/or dealers but they says yes they are legal, its the Hi Cap...
1-3 of 3 Results