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  1. General 1911 Area
    Hey there fellow 1911 shooters, just picked this bad boy up from the gunshow in my home town. Take a gander! Also, if anyone else has one, and knows more about it, I'd appreciate more information on this model. There is surprisingly very little on the web about this model. Thanks and Happy...
  2. General 1911 Area
    I have a pretty big problem with my S&W 1911. The plunger tube for the thumb safety separates from the frame when the safety is engaged. This causes the plunger to become lodged over the side of the thumb safety. This results in a catastrophic and potentially deadly failure because the safety...
  3. General 1911 Area
    I picked up this SW 1911 PD Gunsite edition about a week and a half ago, decided to bobtail it myself. Wasn't easy... still haven't gotten the finish right, but I say not bad for my first time doing serious work on a gun... Here are some pics:
  4. General 1911 Area
    Hello all, Today I acquired a SW 1911PD Gunsight edition! Scandium frame, Brass bead dot front sight, combat rear sight, aftermarket trigger, and slim aluminum grips. So far, put 50 rounds of Lead round nose reloads, am testing some FMJ and JHP's tomorrow. Here is a pic for ya:
  5. Ruger
    Bought a LCR at a gun show yesterday. Had a S&W 642 in one hand and LCR in the other. Tough decision. Took home the LCR because i have many other Ruger products including the LCP. Wish I would have purchased the Smith. After 50 rounds the firng pin would not retract after each shot and would...
1-5 of 5 Results