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  1. Glock
    Hey guys.. Check out my new T.A.S. J sight on my FDE Glock 19! I shot it the other day and it shot GREAT. Much better than I can shoot with the stock sights!!! :rolleyes: I just put up a range review on this forum here - http://www.handgunforum.net/newthread.php?do=postthread&f=73
  2. Smith & Wesson
    Hello, I'm a new M&P Pro owner. The sight alignment picture is new to me, and I have some questions: EDIT: M&P Pro 5" model My instinct (coming from Sigs) is to drop the front sight into the crease of the rear -- or, more simply, to align the top of the front post with the top of the rear...
  3. Gear & Accessories
    I have two sets of nearly new sights for sale 1) Original Sig Night sights. 2) XS Big Dot Tritium. About half price seems fair so asking 60.00 US per set or 100.00 US for both. I will take them to the shipper but you pay all shipping. Thanks burchsc
  4. Range Report & Tactical Discussions
    I recently bought first gun, M&P SHield and qualified for CCW. Considering night sights. Leaning toward Ameriglo Pro glo or Truglo TFO 3 dot set. Unfortunately all bright 3 dot sights seem to be out of stock. I see a lot about using only a front site, blacked-out rears and 2 dot systems, but...
  5. General Semi-Auto
    Not sure how many of you have a Makarov or if there is much variance in design between countries but mine has integrated sights and the front and rear are both BLACK. This is my first Makarov so this could be standard or the white could have worn off given how old it is. There is also some...
  6. Kahr
    I just bought a Kahr CW9 and i love it. I purchased it used for a great deal, took it out the next day and shot wonderful for what it is. Well a couple days later i dropped it on some concrete and it nicked the front sight. Took it out today and it was shooting HORRIBLE i couldn't hit the broad...
  7. Pistol Optics/Red Dots/Lasers/Lights
    I have been looking for a laser/ tac light module for my Glock 22c for about a month now. I Decided on the Viridian X5L. I thought i would write a write review on the product its self and my experience with it. First off, yea they're expensive, but I say they're worth it. The Viridian X5L just...
  8. Glock
    good evening all. i hope you are well. I recently purchased a pre-owned glock 17 from a local gun shop in mass. It is a pre-ban that was formerly a police officer duty weapon. in my first trip to the range, i noticed that all my shots were pullinh to left a few inches. no issue with up/down...
1-8 of 8 Results