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  1. Gear & Accessories
    I sold my gun and have 5 FNP 9mm 16rd magazine for sale and I also have a Luger pro 9 recoil spring guide assembly for sale (same as the fnp 9 guide assembly) The mags are technically used but are like new. Several have not even had a round fired from them. I have put blue crayon on the fn base...
  2. Range Report & Tactical Discussions
    Went to Bill's range in Robbinsdale today, and put 83 rounds down range. I was shooting my HK USP compact chambered in .40 that I recently acquired from a friendly gent at Gunbroker.com. Since I'm new to the world of shooting I had never fired a .40 before today. I loved it, and my groups were...
  3. General Semi-Auto
    I bought this thing last week and have been chomping at the bit to get to the range. finally made it today for a short outing. I've got to say, I love this gun so far. I only had time for 150 rounds so I took 3 different ammo brands to see how it worked with a variety. here is what I sent...
  4. Sig Sauer
    hey everyone looking for info about the 229/239/250 i also am looking for a trade if anyone is interested i have the m&p .40 with galco leather holster with snap top and have the box and all info my gun only has 300 rounds through it. thanks if interrested my email is [email protected]
  5. Sig Sauer
    i would like to know, when did sig stop putting the "law enforcement use only" on their 12rnd magazines for the p226 in .40?
  6. Sig Sauer
    this may be a off the wall question, but is there a way to know what our weapon is "supposed" to be? DA/SA, SA, DAO, DAK? or is this something i will have to go to sig for?
  7. Sig Sauer
    When firing my Sig C3 compact 1911 I noticed most of the spent casings have a crease in the rim. It looks like a little "V". any thoughts on what could cause that? I am going to run some empties through buy hand and see what happens, appreciate any help. Also, thoughts on magna-porting a C3?
  8. Sig Sauer
    Hey folks, i have a Sig 2022 in 9mm, and after cleaning i seemed to have made a critical error in reassembly, the slide is stuck back, and i cant seem to fix the issue, ive checked youtube with little hope and found nothing but kids and their airsoft guns. Any assistance in the matter would...
  9. Sig Sauer
    Just picked up my first 1911, the new Nightmare, and I'm having an issues with I think the mag. When the mag is loaded up with 8 rounds it won't lock into the gun, it feels like it's hitting something. If I lock the slide back the mag will then lock in but slide jams up with the first round when...
  10. Sig Sauer
    I bought a P238 at the last Winston-Salem gun show. It's my first Sig and I don't know much about Sigs Does anybody have Serial number knowledge with sigs? The Sr. number is DA0087**
  11. Sig Sauer
    Looking for pictures of a Sig 229R w/ a TLR-1 attached. Can anyone help me out?
  12. General Semi-Auto
    I am currently in the market for a compact .45. I have narrowed it down to either the Taurus or Sig. I was wondering of I could get some feedback on these two handguns from anyone who owns, has shot, or has any knowledge about either one. I have shot them both, but just can't seem to make up my...
  13. Sig Sauer
    Heyyy, I'm looking for Sig P228 reference images of both sides, the back, front, top, and bottom, as I need them all for modeling a piece for my favorite television show. I have only been able to find blurry images of both sides. Would anyone be willing to upload good orthographics(as little...
  14. Sig Sauer
    I just purchased a sig Sauer C3 1911, any suggestions on a tuckable holster? Also, which are the best/most reliable magazines for the C3? Thanks.
  15. Sig Sauer
    Hi, new to the forum. I have become interested in Sig pistols since being introduced to them by my brother. Prior to that I just owned a nice 1911, which I still like to shoot. Recently we have been toying around with different guide rods on the 229, using a stainless steel guide rod as opposed...
  16. Sig Sauer
    do i need to strip down a 226 (or any handgun for this matter) to bare frame to duracoat it? Or is there a "simple" way to get this done with little hassle? any help on the subject would be great. also, any recomendations on companies that make the products to do this? pictures of finished...
  17. Sig Sauer
    HELLO ALL,:smt071: I just thought i'd show off my 2 Babies that i shoot and carry most. You decide, the one is a Mosquito w / thread barrel , and the other a P226 in 9mm also thread barrel. Regards to all, The Trop.:numbchuck:
  18. Sig Sauer
    i am thinking of converting my sig 226 from dao to sa/da. i know this is possible, but does anyone know were i might come across a list of needed parts to do the conversion? maybe even a company (outside of sigsauer) that sells a parts "kit" for this. thanks.
  19. Sig Sauer
    Hello all. I am in the market for a new handgun, and as such, am doing my homework. For now, I was just wondering if anyone had feedback on the model listed in the title? Thanks! -Nate
1-20 of 29 Results