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  1. Glock
    I just turned 21 in June, and my dad gave me his first service pistol, which was a Gen1 Glock 22. I have already shot this gun a lot, and you can tell this gun has been shot a lot prior to my owning it, but the gun still shoots like it is new. I have thought about getting it blued, but I have...
  2. Smith & Wesson
    Got my first compact pistol this weekend. Put a few rounds through it the day I got it. Shot great with great accuracy. Was not as different as I thought it would be from my Glock 22 .40. It is now part of my EDC.
  3. Smith & Wesson
    Shopping for concealed carry weapon (my first), I've shot several and landed on the S&W 9mm Shield. I've priced it in my area, and am ready to make a purchase. However, I was going to get the new ported version Product: Smith & Wesson Performance Center® Ported M&P®9 SHIELD? ...figuring it...
  4. Handgun Accessories
    I'm about to buy an IWB/appendix holster for a Shield and was curious about sweat guards. A couple I was considering are the Blade Tech Klipt and the Blackhawk A.R.C since they are relatively cheap and it seems like the SOP is to accumulate a drawer full of holsters anyway! Neither have a guard...
  5. Smith & Wesson
    I'm pretty pleased with my new 9mm M&P Shield. I finally got a dry day to test fire it today. I fired 125 rounds of Federal Champion, Remington UMC, and S&B, all JHP. I bought this gun from PSA after learning about the sale on Slickguns.com. I like the M&P trigger/sear design and didn't...
1-5 of 5 Results