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  1. Range Report & Tactical Discussions
    Hello experienced shooters! Which do you believe is more effective and why? Which is more practical, or are they the same when in comes to speed and practicality? My opinion is that a true tactical reload is the better method. By obtaining a new mag BEFORE dropping the partially depleted one...
  2. Handloading & Reloading
    Hi Y'all I just received a Winchester 9mm Luger (new) bag of unprimed brass. The cases calipered out to .749 to .751 with most of it at .750. Will this effect crimp? Or is this in the normal range and I'm juct OCD lol. Thanks for any tips. Yours in service James Acerra Gun Control is...
  3. Glock
    Ok, so this thread might cause some jokes, pokes, rips, or maybe some curiosity, but here it goes. Today while reloading 40.s for my Glock 23C (yes I know your not suposed to reload for a glock because they have a big mouth and you don't want it to KaBoom, yada yada yada but I am very careful...
1-3 of 3 Results