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  1. Smith & Wesson
    I own a little 638 airweight and when I shoot +p rounds through it the recoil is so nasty it slams into my knuckles. I've tried adjusting my grip and found that I shoot best when I hold it with one hand. Plus I replaced the grip with a full sized grip from S&W. Still I find it a painful...
  2. Glock
    In looking to purchase my first handgun I have decided I'll be purchasing Glock, however, my wife will need to be comfortable with firing the weapon as well. Originally wanting the G23 .40 s&w, the recoil proved too much for her confidence. As recommended, she fired a G17 instead. Feeling...
  3. Glock
    Can I get the pros & cons for going up or down on the recoil spring weight?
1-3 of 3 Results