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  1. Southwest
    I am part of a team at Colorado School of Mines that is looking to gather information on shooting ranges. We have an idea to implement a system that will be used to collect old bullet casings, this will make ranges cleaner. It would be great if you could fill out the survey link attached below...
  2. Northeast
    All things considered, what's the best range ammo to buy? and where from?
  3. General Semi-Auto
    I'm trying to find a handgun for the range for skill advancement and just plain fun. This will be my first gun. I would like some opinions with support and reasoning to aid me in my decision. My criteria is caliber (based on ammo availability and pricing), ergonomics, reliability/durability, and...
  4. Range Report & Tactical Discussions
    Went to Bill's range in Robbinsdale today, and put 83 rounds down range. I was shooting my HK USP compact chambered in .40 that I recently acquired from a friendly gent at Gunbroker.com. Since I'm new to the world of shooting I had never fired a .40 before today. I loved it, and my groups were...
  5. Sig Sauer
    I went to Bill's Gun Shop and Range and put about 100 rounds through my new pistol today! It performed flawlessly. I was shooting Magtech 9mm 115 gr. ammo that I bought at the range. I intend on going back tomorrow. I also looked at some hk's that looked mighty nice. I had a great time despite...
  6. General Semi-Auto
    Is impolite to tell some one that they cant shoot my guns at the rang, I'm not talking about my friends i take with me or any thing its the other people at the range I was told Its rude when i tell them no. I just don't like strangers shooting my gear any one else feel this way?
  7. Home Defense & Target Ammunition
    Hi, Looking for target shooting ammo for my next trip to the range with my new Bersa T9 Pro, I went to Academy to get some rounds. I have already tried their Winchester White Box (WWB) NATO (124gr NATO pressure (about 10% more than regular, but not +P) with a 100% success. They have Monarch...
  8. Range Report & Tactical Discussions
    I went over a few weeks ago with my wife. We rented a Glock 19, eyes & ears, and picked up 100 rnds to share. $60 for 1 hour of range time for two plus everything above (although the ammo lasted no more than 15 minutes). They had a special going on for .40-cal ammo at $20 for 100, and had I...
1-8 of 8 Results