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  1. General Revolver Area
    on monday I'm going to more than likely get a charter arms 357 snub nose. It's new. any thoughts or opinions on charter arms revolvers (value, accuracy, reliability etc) or their 357s in particular? (on a side note and I know it's not a handgun, but I'm also going to get a chinese sks and anyone...
  2. New to Handguns Area
    I am curious as to what websites are best to purchase firearms from in terms of legitimacy, best deals, shipping time, giving you what you see in the picture, customer service, and tracking in that order. I would like answers from people who have actually bought from these sights. A top five...
  3. General Semi-Auto
    There are many threads on which pistols to purchase, but none so far as I can find on where to purchase. This is especially helpful as I imagine there is not one specific place to go all the time. Share the knowledge you have about purchasing with others!
1-3 of 3 Results