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  1. Walther
    Did anyone see around two years ago CDNN was selling brand new P 99s C for just $250.00? I was going to buy 3 of them but the wife loned her brother most of our money with I am still waiting to get. I just needed to vent this with people who would undstand.
  2. New to Handguns Area
    i have been looking at lasers for a while now for my Walther P99 compact. the only one i've found from a reputable company that makes/fits is LaserLyte. specifically their Subcompact version 2 laser, found here. does anyone have first hand experience with this specific laser? any good or bad...
  3. Range Report & Tactical Discussions
    2nd outing with the P99c at an indoor range. it is pretty darn accurate right out of the box. shot total 110 rounds of WWB. first 15 shots aimed at the stomach area from 10ft, followed by 15 at the head from 15ft. aimed 15 at the left elbow from 20-25ft. all the remaining shots hit the...
1-3 of 3 Results