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  1. Sig Sauer
    I have purchased a new sig p239 and it shoots 12" low at 25 yards when shooting from a rest. Both front and rear sights are #8. The instruction manual suggests I go to higher number sights. Since #10 is the highest it will move me up 6", but I would still be 6" too low. Any suggestions on...
  2. CCW & Open Carry Discussion
    I currently carry a Sig P239 (.40 S&W), and I am happy with the gun--I actually really appreciate the quality and feel of the weapon. However, I have seen handguns like the Walther PPS, the Kahr PM9, Kel Tec FM9, and others that are smaller and lighter than the Sig. I am thinking of getting a...
  3. Sig Sauer
    Hey all, I'm a newb here looking at getting my first Sig. I'm new into guns, I purchased my first handgun, a Glock 23 in November. I'd like to get a Sig and something that's a little easier to carry. Anyway, I had a question about the P239. The Sig website says that it has a magazine...
1-3 of 3 Results