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  1. General Semi-Auto
    So I have a walther p22..which I truly like... but I accidentally got the screw stripped and I took it to a gun store after charging me a lot of money to fix it, it came back and the compensator was off and the barrel was sticking out...it looked awful I want to buy a 3.4 inch barrel for real...
  2. Walther
    hey all, picked up a new slick little P22 to tote to the range...but I am having some trouble chambering the first round. when i insert a full mag, and the slide is back, when i release the slide forward, it doesn't seem to have enough "Umph" to chamber the first round and it hangs up. I...
  3. Walther
    Ok, so I got a fobus for my P22. Read all the reviews online, found that this is just this side of a gun safe rather than a gun holster. Seriously, once it's in there it almost takes pliers to get it out. Here's what I did to mine to make it work right: First, the barrel weight on the 5"...
1-3 of 3 Results