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  1. Beretta
    I had a hard time finding replacement springs for Mec-gar mags so I contacted them and after 3 emails, I finally got my answer. Here it is in case anyone needs springs,followers, etc.
  2. Sig Sauer
    Greetings, I have three (3) factory Sig Sauer pistol magazines that I no longer need. They are nearly new/barely used: - P229 .40 S&W / .357 Sig, 1 - 12 rd MFR #: MAG-229-43-12 ($25), and (1) 10 rd MFR #: MAG-229-43-10 ($25). ***Both Mags SOLD *** - P228 9mm, (1) 13 rd MFR #...
  3. Beretta
    Does anyone know if the px4 high cap mag will also work in a stoeger cougar( prequel to px4)
  4. General Semi-Auto
    I just bought an Advantage arms 22 - 1911 Commander Conversion kit - what magazines work with this kit? Also where can I find the mags, I know adv arms makes their own mags, but they are near impossible to find. Thanks for your help.
  5. Beretta
    I'm in need of some 10rd magazines so I can legally practice with my new M9A1 and I'm set on Mec Gar. My question is how necessary is it that I opt for the stainless mags which apparently are slicker than their blued counterparts, they're just a few dollars more but I have a feeling that their...
1-5 of 6 Results