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  1. Kel-Tec
    What if... On the P50 mags made by ProMag. What if the spring in the magazine could be retracted like some of the 22 caliber magazines? A thin 3mm wide cut in the top to bottom areas of the magazine. Running only about 3" from the bottom of the magazine towards the top. Add a steel pin secured...
  2. Classifieds
    Factory original 14 Rnd. magazine for both the FNS and FNX series of pistols. Excellent Condition Blued Steel $40.00 (includes shipping) Additional photos available upon request. Please feel free to ask any questions. Buyer is responsible to know their local firearms laws. Buy with...
    $40 USD
  3. HK
    Greetings, I have an as new H&K P7M13 nickel plated [preban: date code JC (1992)] magazine ... no packaging. Asking $120. Have a look at my other listings I am open to reasonable offers on combined purchase. Please let me know if you need more detailed pics. ***Note - This item is only...
  4. HK
    Greetings, I have a few pistol magazines that I no longer need. Items are nearly new/ barely used: - H&K UPS .40 S&W polymer magazines [these run $40+ each new ... } 2 - 10 rd MFR #: 214854S ($30 each) 2 - 13 rd MFR #: 214097S ($30 each) SOLD ***Note - These items are...
  5. New to Handguns Area
    Disclaimer: I never grew up around guns, so this is extremely elementary. Please share your wisdom and patience! I recently bought a 92fs compact, but I just noticed it says Type M9A1 on the frame. I'm a bit confused since the salesman showed me the M9 on one hand and the 92fs on the other. Did...
  6. General Semi-Auto
    This post has been removed due to request
  7. Sig Sauer
    i would like to know, when did sig stop putting the "law enforcement use only" on their 12rnd magazines for the p226 in .40?
  8. Gear & Accessories
    I'm looking for 3 or 4 Advantage Arms 1911 22LR 10 Round Magazines. please email me - [email protected]
  9. General Semi-Auto
    I just bought a new advantage arms 1911 commander rimfire conversion kit for plinking and practice with my sig C3 1911. Does anyone know if the ProMag 22LR 10 Round Polymer magazine made for Kimber, Marvel, and Iver Johnson 1911 Conversions work with the advantage arms 1911 22 conversion kit...
  10. Gear & Accessories
    My Father-in-law gave me an Astra A-80! For free, I gotta say this is super nice. The downfall, only one mag. Scoured the internet and these things are gone. Paid for a A-100 17 rd 9mm mag from a pawn shop in North Al, purported to fit the A-90 and A-80 also. Unfortunately I received a .40 13 rd...
  11. Sig Sauer
    I just purchased a sig Sauer C3 1911, any suggestions on a tuckable holster? Also, which are the best/most reliable magazines for the C3? Thanks.
  12. Bersa
    After allot of research and finally deciding to add a Bersa 380 to my current collection, I am stumped. I am looking for some experienced guidance as to how to eliminate a jam. The weapon was purchased used and in great shape. It came with one factory magazine. I have put about 250 rounds...
  13. Range Report & Tactical Discussions
    Hello experienced shooters! Which do you believe is more effective and why? Which is more practical, or are they the same when in comes to speed and practicality? My opinion is that a true tactical reload is the better method. By obtaining a new mag BEFORE dropping the partially depleted one...
  14. Sig Sauer
    Hello everyone, I'm new to the forum, and i have a sig p220. I tried searching for my problems but i couldn't find it. I purchased a promag 10 round mag for my sig. I took it to the range, but when the clip was fully loaded the slide wouldn't load the round. It looks like the round is...
1-15 of 15 Results