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  1. Sig Sauer
    Looking for pictures of a Sig 229R w/ a TLR-1 attached. Can anyone help me out?
  2. Beretta
    I have an old Beretta 92f no rails and I'm wanting to put a TLR-1 on it. I know that there are options for aftermarket rails such as the tick but my main concern is using this gun, w/ light attached, with a Safariland duty holster. I was wondering if the gun would still fit in the 92 model...
  3. Handgun Accessories
    I have a feeling that this horse has been kicked over and again, but..... I recently bought an M&P 40 and am interested in a laser, or a light, or combo! I have seen very cheap ones on the web, and very expensive ones. I don't want either. I want something that won't break after several...
  4. Beretta
    The other night my family and I were awaken by a very loud crash within our home. I immediately grabbed my PX4 .40 from my safe and began to investigate. Thankfully, the loud crash was the result of my daughter's bath time toys falling when the suction cups of the basket which holds them...
1-4 of 4 Results