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  1. General Semi-Auto
    I'm thinking of getting a Diamondback DB9LL, which has a built-in laser sight. (I know the DB9 gets mixed reviews, I'm not saying it's the best handgun out there, I am saying it's the slimmest 9mm out there, and for my purposes it's either the DB9 or a 380 "mouse gun.") Anyway, I know nothing...
  2. Ruger
    Viridian will be the first to market with laser and light accessories for the Ruger LCP II. Direct to consumer pre-sale orders for LCP II accessories are now being accepted at ViridianWeaponTech.com/reactors.php website. Dealer and consumer orders are anticipated to ship out in early March.
  3. Smith & Wesson
    Got my first compact pistol this weekend. Put a few rounds through it the day I got it. Shot great with great accuracy. Was not as different as I thought it would be from my Glock 22 .40. It is now part of my EDC.
  4. Smith & Wesson
    I have a 9mm shield with a viridan laser, an am now looking for the best IWB holster. Note the laser has a magnetic on/off feature, so looking for a holster that will accommodate that. Have found several online, but not in stores. So would really appreciate anyone's input on good brands to...
  5. Handgun Accessories
    I have a feeling that this horse has been kicked over and again, but..... I recently bought an M&P 40 and am interested in a laser, or a light, or combo! I have seen very cheap ones on the web, and very expensive ones. I don't want either. I want something that won't break after several...
  6. Pistol Optics/Red Dots/Lasers/Lights
    I have been looking for a laser/ tac light module for my Glock 22c for about a month now. I Decided on the Viridian X5L. I thought i would write a write review on the product its self and my experience with it. First off, yea they're expensive, but I say they're worth it. The Viridian X5L just...
  7. Springfield
    I currently own an XD-45 and have loved it, and definitely prefer the XDs as my pistol of choice. It outperforms and is more comfortable than all others I've owned or fired. Nevertheless, I'm having a dilemma for finding a concealed carry pistol of choice... I like the XDm 3.8 inch in the .40...
  8. New to Handguns Area
    i have been looking at lasers for a while now for my Walther P99 compact. the only one i've found from a reputable company that makes/fits is LaserLyte. specifically their Subcompact version 2 laser, found here. does anyone have first hand experience with this specific laser? any good or bad...
  9. New to Handguns Area
    Greetings and thanks in advance for your advice. With the laser in place on my P3AT, the trigger is a bit tight in the forward position for my fat finger. Can the trigger be adjusted slightly aft to allow safer entry? thanks again, mac
1-9 of 9 Results