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  1. Kel-Tec
    I used to own the kel tec P3AT and did not like the cheap feel of the gun, yeah it's a dire straits type weapon, last resort, close range thing. It never missed, but the fact that it felt so cheap I could not get out of my system. I just purchased a Taurus 738 TCP 380 in stainless. What a...
  2. Kel-Tec
    So, very excited about my newly acquired CCW. Kel Tec P11. I can fit it in my pocket with ease and only the back of the handle shows a tad bit (Haven't bought a holster yet, which will solve the problem). However 36W and 36L pants with an untucked shirt are easy to hide it with. I am 6'3''...
1-2 of 2 Results