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  1. Beretta
    I love my px4c- 9mm and i have never had a problem with feed jams until today i bought a box of Liberty USM4 9mm ammo and took 10 rounds to test at my local range. it is very accurate but jams every time. i could not get it to cycle and feed even once. Has anyone had similar problems?
  2. Ruger
    Have a new P95 that I truly want to love. Problem is it keeps choking on spent cartridges instead to ejecting them. Also having many jammed cartridges. Right now, I'm more accurate with this gun, but faster with my little 5 shot .38 with speedloaders. Hard to think of it as protection when I...
  3. Kahr
    i recently picked up a brand new kahr cw45, took it home and cleaned it. tried to load a round inot the chamber, it did, but now the slide will not budge and or eject the round. what can i do about this? i used hornady tap fpd rounds.
  4. New to Handguns Area
    yes I am new to handguns and this may sound stupid but I just bought Smith & Wesson Sigma Series 9mm handgun. My buddy took me out to the sandpit to "show" me how to use it and got the very first round somehow jambed inside of the gun. We loaded up the cartridge with 15 Silver Bear 94 grain 9mm...
  5. Glock
    Ok, so this thread might cause some jokes, pokes, rips, or maybe some curiosity, but here it goes. Today while reloading 40.s for my Glock 23C (yes I know your not suposed to reload for a glock because they have a big mouth and you don't want it to KaBoom, yada yada yada but I am very careful...
1-5 of 5 Results